NordVPN Review 2021: Great Features, So Why Is It So Cheap?


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Short on Time? Here’s What Matters Most

Streaming – Does NordVPN Work With Netflix?

Yes. Netflix’s tough geoblocks stop many VPNs from accessing the service, but not NordVPN. It has a SmartPlay feature that’s specifically designed to bypass geoblocks and keep you secure at the same time. It combines DNS with VPN technology to easily evade blocks, but always maintain your security. I put it to the test to see how easily I could access Netflix US. I tested 133 NordVPN US servers, including the fastest US server, and I was able to get onto Netflix with every single one. The streaming quality was ultra HD, and there was no buffering or lag.


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Is NordVPN Good for Torrenting?

NordVPN has hundreds of P2P-optimized servers. You can access them easily from the sidebar in the app, which saves you the time of visiting its website to find out which servers you can use for P2P activity. Each server offers unlimited bandwidth and data, so you can send and share as many files as you’d like, without eating away at a restrictive data allowance. There’s a strict no-logs policy, too, so none of your torrenting activity is retained. You aren’t restricted to just one torrent client, either. NordVPN works with all popular torrenting platforms, including uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Vuze. I’ve tested them all, using a number of different NordVPN servers. NordVPN’s speeds were faster than my standard connections and I was easily able to bypass my ISP’s throttling. NordVPN offers another neat feature for quickly finding an ideal server. You can use the server recommendation tool on the website. Just select your location and a server protocol, and NordVPN will suggest the best.


NordVPN Speeds

NordVPN SpeedsordVPN’s Quick Connect feature makes getting online very easy. Based on your location, it finds and connects you to the server with the fastest speeds available. When I tested it, I connected to servers in the UK and the US most of the time. More importantly, I always had lightning-fast speeds, so streaming, browsing, and gaming were a breeze. This top-level feature is one reason why NordVPN consistently comes out on top at speed performance.

Local Speeds

I used NordVPN’s Quick Connect feature first, which connected me to a London server. My starting speed was 78.50 Mbps, and my VPN-connected speed was 85.72 Mbps—my speed actually increased by over 9%. I tried streaming Netflix while connected, and the quality was superb. Plus, I didn’t need to wait for anything to load, so I dived right into ultra HD.


Long-Distance NordVPN Speeds

I started with a US server, and there was another increase in my download speed—this time by over 6%. I expected my speeds to be fast here since the majority of NordVPN’s servers are in the US and the Quick Connect feature sometimes chooses a US server. However, I didn’t think my speeds would actually increase.


NordVPN Speed: The Results

My results show that NordVPN really is the fastest vendor out there, knocking off competitors like ExpressVPN from the top spot. When I connected to local and US servers, my speed increased by as much as 9%, which improved the quality of my streaming and browsing considerably. Even when I connected to a server in New Zealand, on the other side of the world, my download speed stayed quick and steady, regardless of the speed loss. However, the difference in speed when I connected to a server in Vietnam was significant. This is likely due to the distance of the server from my location, though, rather than a reflection of NordVPN’s server speeds. The further your data has to travel, the more speed loss you’ll experience. If you want reliable, fast connections anywhere in the world, even over thousands of miles, NordVPN is a top contender.